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Elisabeth Seitz

Elisabeth Seitz

"As an artistic gymnast, I'm naturally super sporty and a sports enthusiast. I'm also a football enthusiast and, as an ambassador for UEFA EURO 2024 in Stuttgart, I'm the perfect link between all sports, such as gymnastics and football. I also love it when people come together. Football, and therefore UEFA EURO 2024, is predestined for this."

The 22-time German champion, who competes for MTV Stuttgart, is one of Germany's showcase gymnasts. In 2011, she caused an international sensation by finishing runner-up in the European all-around championships.

On the uneven bars, her favourite apparatus, she was able to create a new element in 2012 that now bears her name – the "Seitz". Eli Seitz secured her first World Championship medal on the uneven bars in Doha in autumn 2018.

Another highlight in 2019: In front of a breathtaking backdrop, Eli finished sixth in the all-around final at her home World Championships in Stuttgart – her best ever place in the all-around at a World Championship.

After a year's delay, she travelled to Tokyo for her next Olympic Games. In the end, she finished fifth in the individual final on the uneven bars.

And then came the big surprise: At the European Championships in Munich 2022, Eli secured the European title in the sold-out Olympic Hall. The cheers and the joy were immense!

I am looking forward to ALL nations coming to Stuttgart.

How happy were you when you found out that Stuttgart would be a venue for UEFA EURO 2024?

I was very pleased, because I think Stuttgart is a city of sport and should be given every opportunity to show this. UEFA EURO 2024 offers ideal opportunities for this.

Why does this European Football Championship belong in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is cosmopolitan, international and, above all, very hospitable. The people of Stuttgart are ready to show this to everyone. And we can do this best when the whole of Europe comes to visit.

What special features does the city offer for this major tournament?

At major sporting events, the city of Stuttgart always offers great hands-on activities. In addition to the matches in the stadium, I am particularly looking forward to seeing Schlossplatz and all the people in Stuttgart affected by the sporting fever.

Why should I come to Stuttgart as a guest? / What makes Stuttgart stand out?

We know how to inspire people, and Stuttgart has much more to offer than 'just' being a great host. Everyone should make up their own mind about Stuttgart and its diversity. It's worth it!

As someone who is deeply rooted in Stuttgart's football culture, how would you describe the enthusiasm for football in the Host City Stuttgart? 

I wouldn't describe myself as deeply rooted in Stuttgart's football culture, but because I train daily at the Kunstturn-Forum right next to the stadium and live not far from the stadium, I get to experience the enthusiasm of the football fans at every VfB Stuttgart home game. It's huge: sometimes even a matter of envy as an athlete in another sport.

How well prepared do you think the Host City Stuttgart is for UEFA EURO 2024?

Very well prepared. I have no doubt that it will be a great event and that all fans from all over Europe will go home really impressed and with a smile on their faces after UEFA EURO 2024 and their visit to Stuttgart.

© Basti Kaspar

In your opinion, what else do football fans coming to Stuttgart for UEFA EURO 2024 need to experience and enjoy in the city besides football? / What is your favourite thing to do in Stuttgart? Please give tips here for people who do not know Stuttgart.

Everyone should visit Schlossplatz and the city centre at least once – and if you still have some time left, you can venture out of the city into the many beautiful districts that
Stuttgart has to offer. My tip: Rotenberg and the Württemberg Mausoleum with a marvellous view of Stuttgart and the stadium.

Which nation are you most looking forward to here in Stuttgart?

I am looking forward to ALL nations coming to Stuttgart. Every country has its own culture – above all, a special fan culture. I always enjoy seeing how different some of them are.

How does it feel to see that your city is part of such an important international tournament?

It feels great, and my anticipation is growing all the time! Now that the sun is starting to shine again, it's getting easier and easier to imagine a football fairytale!

To finish off, we simply have to ask: who will be European football champions in 2024?

I really hope it will be Germany. It won't be easy, of course, but it never is. But I'm sure that we fans will do everything we can to make our German team feel even better and more motivated.