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Spectacular scenes at StadtPalais

Experience legendary goals, sensational victories, and spectacular scenes at StadtPalais

Moments that write soccer history and etch themselves into the collective memory of nations: Anyone who has experienced it will not forget it. Emotions that exist only in soccer. You could relive these moments at the "StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart" for the UEFA EURO 2024 in Stuttgart. The "EURO Legends Stuttgart" exhibition was dedicated to the seven nations competing in our host city.

The most important information in a quick check

  • The exhibition could be seen at StadtPalais in the heart of Stuttgart from May 17 to July 14.
  • Unforgotten matches, unique pictures from the playing field, and quiet snapshots were just as much a part of it as anecdotes and experiences.
  • They told something about Europe's eventful history beyond soccer.
  • In keeping with the major sporting event of the year, the seven teams playing in Stuttgart during EURO 2024 were staged to great effect.
  • The exhibition was planned and conceived jointly by StadtPalais and the host city.

An exhibition to "dribble through"

At StadtPalais, stories about soccer were presented for the media and more: Here, the entire exhibition became a playing field. Young and old soccer fans could dribble through a grassy landscape with soft balls and test their shooting technique on the goal wall.   

Worth experiencing for traveling fans

The "EURO Legends Stuttgart" salon exhibition also was a gesture to the many international fans that we expected to come to Stuttgart from all over Europe to support their teams. The texts in the exhibition were therefore written in German and English.

Seven nations, seven exciting soccer stories

Teams from seven European countries were battling it out here in Stuttgart for a place in the quarter-finals: Belgium, Denmark, Scotland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, and the host, Germany. The special exhibition was dedicated to these soccer nations and told the stories that will make every fan's heart beat faster.

Soccer stories made in Stuttgart

Anyone who has acquired a taste for soccer in the EURO Salon exhibition was also able to find the topic of soccer skillfully staged in the permanent exhibition at StadtPalais. And linked to our host city. For example, it was Stuttgart referee Rudolf Kreitlein who invented the yellow and red card in 1966 together with referee supervisor Ken Aston.  

Another innovation from Stuttgart has been making the hearts of soccer fans beat faster for a century. In 1921, the Swabian furniture manufacturer Karl Mayer applied for a patent for a game in which a tin toy figure could shoot a cube-shaped ball by pressing a button on its head. The miniature soccer simulation game Tipp-Kick was born and began its triumphal march across Germany.    

Salon exhibition "EURO Legends Stuttgart"

StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart, Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2, 70173 Stuttgart
From May 17 to July 14, 2024, Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Free admission
Opening May 16, 2024, 7 p.m., no registration—first come, first served.
Cooperation partner: Host City Stuttgart / in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungs GmbH & Co. KG