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Cacau and Niko Kappel visit the Stuttgart-SBBZ-Lernen Cup (SBBZ Learning Cup in Stuttgart)


Two of the three Host City Stuttgart ambassadors, Cacau and Niko Kappel, paid a visit to the Stuttgart-SBBZ Learning Cup in the sports hall at the Berger School campus in eastern Stuttgart today (Wednesday) and were impressed by the commitment and fair play of the school teams, "They play really good, clean football. Respect!" said Cacau. Niko Kappel agreed: "There was so much enthusiasm and team spirit, with loads of great actions and goals."

The Stuttgart-SBBZ Learning Cup, which was organised by the association Gemeinschaftserlebnis Sport (GES) and the Berger School, was all about UEFA EURO 2024 this year. As the host city, Stuttgart supported the tournament by providing jerseys, balls and a special trophy for the winning team.

The UEFA EURO 2024 mascot, "Albärt", also came along to the Berger School sports hall. There were other fun activities alongside the tournament too, which the students enjoyed taking part in – ranging from table football, to a duel at the Bolzbox bench or a souvenir group photo at the photo box. "Through our activities, we want to build a sense of anticipation for the UEFA EURO and, at the same time, set an example for the promotion of young talent," emphasises Thomas Pollak, overall project manager of Host City Stuttgart. One thing is certain: the games in the Berger School sports hall have whetted the general appetite for more.

After the preliminary round comprising eight schools, the Berger and Heilbrunnen school teams faced each other in the final. After losing in the final last year, the hosts were determined to win the tournament and were highly motivated. However it was not to be, and an unfortunate own goal handed the tournament victory to the other team.

It was a close match and the luckier team – the Heilbrunnen School from Stuttgart-Möhringen – was the team celebrating at the end. At the award ceremony, Roger Christof, tournament director and headmaster of the Berger School, praised the teams: "Thank you very much. Today was an exciting, thrilling and competitive tournament, which we all experienced together." And another positive aspect: the tournament has already been certified as a "Green Event BW" in advance.

At the award ceremony with Cacau and Niko Kappel, there was much applause and of course great jubilation over the trophies, jerseys and balls. The two Host City ambassadors were also very popular during the breaks. Cacau and Niko Kappel had to sign countless autographs and be included in many selfies. The young team members were delighted with their fantastic football experience and will take away a great many wonderful memories of the day.

The placings at the tournament of the Stuttgart Special Education and Counselling Centres (SBBZ):

  1. Heilbrunnen School
  2. Berger School
  3. Auschule School
  4. Dietrich Bonhoeffer School
  5. Seelach School
  6. Hasenberg School
  7. Albert Schweitzer School
  8. Kreuzstein School

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